The information provided here is intended to offer both documentation and a demonstration of Advanced Post List. Content will added and changed over time, and with the combination of APL those transitions become worry free. Many consider this a powerful plugin, and providing a documentation will help dampen the learning curves.


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Accessing the admin screens is located on the Admin Menu under “Adv. Post List”. Relative to content management, the menu was positioned to be underneath majority of the site’s content menus.

(All) Post List Screen

Clicking on the Adv. Post List Menu, or the "All Post Lists", will bring you to this admin screen with an overall view of the post lists saved to a...

Add/Edit Post List Screen

In some regard, this is where the learning curve with APL is most prominent. Much like the other admin screens, adding/editing a post list has the...

Settings Screen

Most of the global settings, as well as some additional core functionality reside in this location. General Settings General Core Plugin Settings...

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There are multitude of areas APL Post Lists can be rendered. The shortcode method is usually the most useful and easiest, but there are also more advanced methods explained further if a situation calls for such a task.

[Post_List] Shortcode Method

This is intended for frontend use, and must have a post list already created/published. If you have yet created a post list, or unsure, than please...

Widget Method

WP allows APL to easily add Post List widgets to any widget. Just go to Appearance->Widgets, and under Available Widgets. Click/Drag 'Advanced Post...

PHP Hardcode Method

One of the unique features to Advanced Post Lists is being able to add Post List anywhere. This is intended for Advanced Users....

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